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Radar keys

Mohommed Essop-Adam
Reviewed by Mohommed Essop-AdamReviewed on 30.10.2023 | 2 minutes read

A Radar key is a type of key available to disabled people which can open over 10,000 locked publicly accessible toilets in the UK. This article will discuss the important information regarding Radar keys and how you can get one.

Why do they exist?

Radar keys are part of the Radar Key Scheme, also known as the National Key Scheme, which aims to provide accessible public toilets to those most in need. Keeping these toilets locked means only disabled people can access them, which helps to keep the toilets unengaged, so disabled people don’t have to wait a long time to use them. This is particularly important for people who have bladder or bowel problems and may suddenly find themselves in urgent need of using the bathroom.

Keeping the toilets locked also helps keep them clean because fewer people are using them. It also reduces the risk of them getting vandalized. Having a universal key means disabled people don’t have to keep asking a staff member for a key each time they need the loo!

Where can I get one from?

Various retailers and organisations such as Disability Rights UK, Blue Badge Company, and Argos sell Radar keys. You may also be able to get one from your local authority (sometimes free of charge, depending on where you live).

A problem with Radar keys is that there are a lot of replicas around, which don’t always work and can sometimes cause damage to the locks. For this reason, it is important to ensure you get your key from a trusted and reputable source, such as one of the places mentioned above.

Can anyone get one?

No, only disabled people can get them. To obtain one, you may need to provide proof of your disability, such as a letter from your doctor or evidence that you have a Blue Badge or receive a disability benefit.

How do I find Radar Key Scheme toilets?

Radar Key Scheme toilets are located all over the country, such as in shopping centres, cafes, airports, pubs, motorway service stations, bus stations, train stations, department stores, and many other locations. You can find Radar Key Scheme toilets near you by looking on the Great British Public Toilet Map website and selecting the Radar key filter. You can also buy a National Key Scheme guide from the Disability Rights UK website, which lists the toilets in your region.

Was this helpful?

Was this helpful?

Mohommed Essop-Adam
Reviewed by Mohommed Essop-Adam
Reviewed on 30.10.2023