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Invest now is presently seeking to raise £79M (c$100M) in growth financing to accelerate the launch of in the UK and USA.
The pre-money valuation of is £316M (c$400M).
The price per share is £790 (c$1,000), and we have a total of 100,000 shares available to purchase in this round.
There is only one class of shares, and there are no shareholder preferences at this time.

Investment process overview

1. Subscription Letter
Read and sign subscription letter.
2. Banking Instructions
Bank the amount of money matching your shares to the account number provided in the subscription letter.
3. Share Certificates
We will send you a digital and physical copy of the share certificates.
Please enter the name, address and email of person receiving and share certificates.
4. Next Steps
You are invited to attend our quarterly update calls and look out for our investor updates.
Share calculator
Input the number of shares you want to acquire.
Total investment cost:
Enter the name and address of your investing entity for your subscription letter. For inquiries or further information, please contact us at We are committed to addressing your questions and concerns promptly.
Email Address
and confirm you are happy with the disclaimer.

To support and purchase shares, please send an email to and indicate the number of shares you would like to purchase with the details of the investor or investing entity including the name and address. Our finance team will then share the share purchase agreement via email for your completion. Many thanks,