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Hay fever
Hay fever is an allergy to pollen (typically grass or tree) that can cause symptoms of itchy eyes, …
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Allergic rhinitis
Allergic rhinitis, also known as hay fever, is an allergy to pollen. Typically, grass or tree pollen are …
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Dry cough
A cough is the body’s natural way of responding to irritation in your respiratory tract. When …
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Blocked nose
A blocked nose is the feeling that the nasal passages are congested or stuffy. Depending on the …
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Hay fever medication
Hay fever medication, also known as antihistamines, are a group of medications that prevent the level …
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Best hay fever tablets
Hay fever tablets (also known as antihistamine tablets) are a group of medications that prevent …
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Seasons of hay fever
Hay fever affects many people and is caused by an allergy to pollen. But did you know people are …
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Best hay fever relief
You may be a hay fever veteran or new to the season of sneezing and streaming. There’s an array of hay …

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Technology has simplified our world. While tech has improved many parts of life, healthcare remains behind the times. Last year, 60 million people saw a doctor for things they could have remedied at home. is designed to untangle the complex web of medical jargon, treatments and therapies. So that you can tell the difference between something a doctor needs to care for, or if it's something you can care for at home, with products we recommend to help along the way. With a few clicks, can deliver those products right to your door. Without having to search online or wonder which therapy is best.'s content is reviewed and certified by the UK's top physicians and pharmacists, a group with over 250 years of combined experience spanning 9 medical specialties. Our goal is simple. To provide clear and helpful health information to all people around the world. That's why a percentage of our profits go to funding global humanitarian aid programs. Because of, the convoluted path to personal healthcare is becoming clearer. And life for everyone, a whole lot simpler.
Journey so far ...

Caidr 1.0

Caidr 1.0 featured a symptom checker designed to give users trusted health and wellness information for smart self-care. Other key features included product recommendations and a section devoted to safe personal health resources.

Caidr 1.0

Caidr 2.0

Caidr 2.0 included extensive updates to the user interface, as well as video content of health and wellness information at the end of user journeys. In response to the global outbreak of Covid-19, Caidr 2.0 contained a suite of pandemic-specific advice and content resources. Other key features included an expanded content library and a new image-based interface devoted to effective self-care for dermatology symptoms.

Caidr 2.0

Caidr 3.0

With Caidr Search as its main offering, Caidr 3.0 brought the new capabilities of Caidr's content platform to mobile devices. With a novel architecture designed by a medical team of pharmacists and doctors with more than 250 years of combined experience in patient interactions, Caidr's natural language content processor allows dynamic, systems-wide updates to more than 374,000 words of content in under 0.5 seconds.

Caidr 3.0

Caidr 4.0

Soon after the release of Caidr 3.0, Clinova announced the release of Caidr 4.0, a web platform for Caidr Search. Using a medical lexicon of more than 97,000 medical terms spanning 9 medical specialties, Caidr's natural language processor creates customised feeds of trusted health content.

Caidr 4.0 is set to unveil a new feature for users: conversational AI. Free to engage directly with an AI personal assistant trained on' self-care advice, users will enjoy an even more flexible way to explore their health and wellness.

About is a UK-based AI consumer health and technology company dedicated to self-care solutions. was founded by British inventors and entrepreneurs Arsalan Karim and Charles Ebubedike, who first had the idea of founding a consumer health business when they were just 18 and 19. Having met in their first week at university, the duo soon became housemates. founders
Professor Ivor Ebenezer encouraged Arsalan and Charles to explore how new technologies would soon upend traditional consumer health and wellness markets. He said that as access to technology expanded, people would become more aware of what things are good or bad for their health and wellness. With this increase in awareness, millions of people would be eager to take a more active role in their health. The pair began developing technology-based solutions to common medicine and health information problems. Arsalan and Charles founded the business with one question in mind:
‘How can we modernise self-care in the health and wellness space?’ is their solution.