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How to keep your beard in tip top condition

Dr Karen Martin
Reviewed by Dr Karen MartinReviewed on 19.10.2023 | 2 minutes read

Whether you've spent months growing your beard or are just starting your beard journey – here at Healthwords, we believe in looking after your health AND your facial hair. This article will discuss our best beard maintenance tips and how to care for that wonderful tuft of hair.

Avoid touching your beard

As luscious as your beard may be, try to avoid touching or stroking your beard. This is because it can transfer dirt, oil, or germs from your hands to your face or around your face. This can cause your face to be more oily or can block pores leading to acne spots developing. It also will help you stay healthy as you are less likely to transfer germs from your hands to your mouth.

Skincare is key

A healthy beard starts with looking after your skin and a good skincare routine. This means washing your face daily with a cleanser, and while your skin is still damp, remember to moisturize your beard and your skin. We recommend using a face moisturizer on most of your face and then a beard oil or cream for your beard and the skin underneath – although you can use one for both if you need to. If you have acne or develop spots easily, moisturizing is still for you. Just ensure you get a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic, which means it will not block your pores and cause a breakout.

It's time consuming, but be sure to exfoliate

If you struggle with ingrown hairs, ensure you are exfoliating your face once or twice a week. This can reduce the chance of developing ingrown hairs and is particularly key if you are at the stubble phase or shaving regularly. More than twice a week can risk irritating or damaging your skin, so it is not recommended.

Invest in a beard comb

After washing and applying beard oil or moisturizer, comb your beard to help distribute it evenly and eliminate any tangles or knots. It can also help to prevent ingrown hairs and help you style your beard for your desired look.

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Dr Karen Martin
Reviewed by Dr Karen Martin
Reviewed on 19.10.2023
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