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Aviva Accu-Chek Test Strips

Dr Karen Martin
Reviewed by Dr Karen MartinReviewed on 19.10.2023 | 3 minutes read

The Accu-Chek Performa test strip is a finger-prick blood glucose monitoring strip designed to be used with the Accu-Chek Performa machine to quantitatively measure glucose in fresh blood. It is used to monitor glucose control. These in vitro testing strips are for people with diabetes and non-diabetic patients to monitor their glucose levels. These test strips are not interchangeable with the Accu-Chek range and will only work with the Performa machine.

The test strips alone will not measure the glucose levels. The following items are required to test it:

  • Aviva Accu-Chek Performa machine
  • Accu-Chek FastClix finger prick device
  • Aviva Accu-Chek Performa test strips
  • Accu-Chek FastClix lancets
  • Sharps bin so that you can throw the needles away safely

Who is it for?

Your blood sugar levels show how much glucose you have in your blood. In diabetic people, these changes are more significant and happen more often than in people who don't have diabetes which is why they frequently monitor this.

Diabetic patients taking insulin are encouraged to test their blood glucose levels (BGLs) at least four times daily. This keeps their range in check to ensure they don't have a hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic attack.

However, they are not the only patients recommended to measure their BGLs. Pre-diabetic patients are told to monitor their BGLs to ensure they are within the normal ranges; else, they may require pharmacological treatments.

High blood sugar levels increase your risk of developing severe complications, which is why monitoring is essential.

How to use the test strips

Start with washing your hands with soap and warm water. Don't use wet wipes, as their glycerin can affect the test result. Take a test strip and slot it into the Performa machine to turn it on. Remove the cap from your finger prick device and add a new lancet. Then put the lid back on and set the device by clicking the plunger to activate the Accu-Chek FastClix finger prick device.

Choose which finger to prick but avoid your thumb or index finger, and don't prick the middle or too close to a nail. Place the device against the side of your finger and press the side button to activate it. Always try to use a different finger each time you measure your BGLs in rotation. Take your meter with the test strip and hold it against the drop of blood. It will automatically draw up the blood. It will then tell you if the test strip is filled by beeping.

Before you look at your reading, cover your finger. Either use a tissue or cotton pad to stop the bleeding, then use it to take out the lancet from the FastClix lancing device and throw it away into the sharps bin. It cannot go into regular waste. By this time, your meter will probably show the result. Note it down. You can use the same tissue or wool to take out the test strip and throw that away too. Taking out the strip will usually turn the meter off. Otherwise, turn it off manually.

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Was this helpful?

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Dr Karen Martin
Reviewed by Dr Karen Martin
Reviewed on 19.10.2023
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