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Azooz Al Otaibi

Saudi, United Kingdom | Updated: 22.12.2023 | 4 min read

30 year old entrepreneur, athlete, football fan based splitting my time between Saudi Arabia and London, United Kingdom

My morning route

The first thing I think of upon waking up is to get food in my system! I storm to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast to take with me to work, which is pretty much the same meal every day, which is: Five Multi grain toasts with Peanut butter, sugar and cinnamon! YES, SUGAR! Haha. Along with my black coffee of course, I also prepare a multi vitamin protein shake that I sip on making my way to work. This Calorie dense breakfast that includes a lot of carbs insures I smash my session! Which is always around Lunch time, which is enough time for my body to digest this big meal. As my sessions are very intense, I find this works best for me and my activity levels.

My health hacks

Fibre! I think of all the fitness advice out there, Fibre doesn’t get enough praise, we all know protein is a very important macronutrient, but even Athletes don’t acknowledge the importance of including a lot of Fiber in their diet. It does you wonders for your health in every aspect. From recovery after an intense session to improving all health markers and it’s been shown in all clinical trials and systematic reviews to majorly decrease rates of all-cause mortality rates. - What I like to eat: I am blessed of being the kind of person that eats everything, not very fussy about food choices. But something in look forward to everyday is Dessert! I have a major sweet tooth! It keeps me going and motivated; I look forward to this dessert every day. It makes it easier to stay on track with my diet and enables me to have a healthy relationship with food, which is very important. My favorite desserts are Chocolate chip Ice cream and Cinnamon rolls!

What I avoid to eat

Fried food! Not only that I dislike the taste of deep-fried food, but my body built a tolerance for it. If I have a bite of anything fried my stomach acts up. Not a bad outcome, I guess! Other than that I consume every food item, as long as I stick to my calorie range, nothing is off limits!

My exercise plan

I usually do two sessions a day, one during lunch time and another one right after work! The afternoon one is usually the intense one, which usually consists of Sprint intervals, Olympic lifts, High intensity exercises or a big Track session! I make sure I get a lot of carbs and protein in my system right after the afternoon session, so I ensure that I’m fully recovered for my second session, which is either a strength style workout that involves a lot of lifting or a Hypertrophy workout session (Lifting moderate/heavy weight with more reps).

My exercise plan
My exercise plan
My exercise plan

My skincare routine

Funny enough I don’t apply anything to my skin! And I get asked a lot on what product I use for my skin. Your diet is the best skincare routine you can follow! I’m sharing the biggest skincare hack for free ;)

My go-to health products

Wyldsson Vegan protein super blend. The best protein powder product in the market, it has a good amount of protein with loads of Vitamins and minerals, so your getting your protein dose and all of your vitamins in one product. Also tastes amazing consumed as a shake or added to your favorite food.

My typical gym session

My Gym session structure always consists of a 5 minute warm up session, 15-20 minutes of technique work (to prep for the actual session), the actual session which is usually 60 to 75 minutes long and ends with 10 minutes of cool down exercise.

My hydration fix

1- Drinking more liquids in general, other forms of water like flavored drinks, teas and sugar free sodas. All contribute towards your daily hydration.

2- Eating more fruits and vegetables! Because most fruits and vegetables compose of mostly water, some of them are even 90% water! Like watermelon for instance.

3- Himalayan Salt! Funny enough people think salt is bad for you, and that it gets you dehydrated. Which is somewhat true if you over consume. But for people who exercise a lot or do a lot of sports, you need to consume more Salt to replenish lost minerals from all the sweat and water lost during activity!

4- Consuming a hydration product before I sleep when I know I didn’t hit my daily hydration target. O.R.S gave me the best results out of all the other brands out there.

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