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EasyChamber Anti-Static Spacer Device with Child Mask, BPA and Latex Free

EasyChamber Anti-Static Spacer Device with Child Mask, BPA and Latex Free

Total: £15.00

Product Summary

The technique for correctly using standard press and breath inhalers alone can be challenging in some patients, especially for children and the elderly. This is where a spacer chamber device can really help maximise the benefit of using an inhaler.

Quite often, inhalers can spray medication at high velocities, causing the medication to be deposited at the back of your throat or roof of your mouth, leading to a sub-optimal dose actually getting down in the lungs to work properly.

Powder residue deposited in the mouth may lead to side effects such as a sore throat or oral thrush in some patients.

EasyChamber spacee chamber can ensure optimal delivery of medication to the lungs in patients of all ages.

Key Features

  • EasyChamber traps and holds medication in suspension until you are ready to breathe in.
  • Cross valve ensures low resistance when breathing in medication and prevents accidental breathing out into the chamber.
  • It delivers an optimal dose of medication to the lungs for action against asthma and COPD.
  • Improves the delivery of metered-dose Inhalers used with EasyChamber due to medication not adhering to chamber walls.
  • EasyChamber comes with an anatomical comfortable and detachable silicone mask for children.
  • It has one-way inhalation and a one-way exhalation mask and comes with a FlowSignal whistle which alerts fast inhalation.
  • Universal Base: fits most commonly prescribed MDIs (metered-dose inhalers).

How to use a spacer device

  • Shake your inhaler before use to ensure the correct mix of drug and propellant gas before use.
  • Simply insert the inhaler mouthpiece into the universal fitting ensuring a snug airtight fit.
  • Use the inhaler and spacer device either standing or sitting straight up, looking straight ahead.
  • Hold the spacer device with the mouthpiece or mask fitting snug in the mouth, between the teeth sealing the lips around the mouthpiece, or with the mask fitted snug around the nose and mouth.
  • Spray ONE dose of the inhaler into the spacer chamber, and breath gently and deeply for 4-5 breathes or 30 seconds.
  • Repeat a second dose if necessary after 30 seconds to a minute after the first dose.


  • Clean the spacer once a week. Do not clean with boiling or hot water as this will damage your spacer.
  • Remove the mask and base, wash all the components in soapy water then rinse in clear water.
  • Let air dry in a vertical position.
  • Do not wipe components with a cloth. This will help retain its antistatic characteristics.

Warnings and Restrictions


  • It is recommended that the Easy Chamber spacer should be replaced with a new one after one year of use.
  • It must be replaced if the plastic becomes opaque, the wall is scratched or there is a crack that means it is no longer airtight.
  • Please use according to physician's or health care professional’s instructions.
  • This device is designed to be used in home, hospital and clinical environments.
  • Open the package and carefully examine the product for damage, missing parts or foreign objects.
  • Remove any foreign objects prior to use.
  • If the patient’s symptoms worsen please seek medical attention.
  • Do not leave the spacer unattended with children.
  • To be used with a metered-dose inhaler only.
  • The spacer is unsterilised and for single patient use only.
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