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I’ve had COVID, can I still get a vaccination?

Dr Karen Martin
Reviewed by Dr Karen MartinReviewed on 19.10.2023 | 1 minute read

Even if you’ve had COVID, it’s important to get a vaccination or booster. This is because that while your body gets some immunity from the infection itself, this protection is short-lived, perhaps only a few weeks. After that, you are vulnerable to catching COVID again, and may get symptoms or pass it on without knowing to those around you.

When can I book my injection?

If you’ve had COVID infection confirmed on a test, you should wait at least 3 months before having a vaccine or booster.

If you have COVID symptoms around the time of your vaccine or booster appointment, you should take a test and wait for the result, and postpone your appointment.

Even if you’ve had a mild version of COVID, a booster not only protects you from the risk of severe COVID disease, but also protects those more vulnerable in society from catching the virus and becoming unwell.

*Information correct on 7 March 2023

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Dr Karen Martin
Reviewed by Dr Karen Martin
Reviewed on 19.10.2023
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