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Randox Male Hormone Home Test Kit  (with Premium Sample Collection Tasso Device)
Randox Male Hormone Home Test Kit  (with Premium Sample Collection Tasso Device)
Randox Male Hormone Home Test Kit  (with Premium Sample Collection Tasso Device)
Randox Male Hormone Home Test Kit  (with Premium Sample Collection Tasso Device)
Randox Male Hormone Home Test Kit  (with Premium Sample Collection Tasso Device)

Randox Male Hormone Home Test Kit (with Premium Sample Collection Tasso Device)

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Product Summary

Find out if you have a hormone imbalance that could be effecting your mood, energy level, libido, or sports performance with a Male Hormone Test. We test for 8 key markers to give you a comprehensive overview of your hormonal health.

Our premium sample collection method uses the revolutionary Tasso+ device offering a superior alternative to traditional finger prick collection which can be painful and challenging for some individuals. Tasso+ uses innovative technology to quickly and painlessly collect your blood sample from the comfort of your home.

  • Sample type: Premium Sample Collection Tasso Device. Watch the instructional video here.
  • Results: in 2-3 working days from receipt of sample at lab.

Why Get Tested?

Male hormones like testosterone support many bodily functions and play a vitally important role in sperm production, a healthy sex drive and maintaining muscle strength & mass. Lower than normal levels of testosterone can therefore result in a lack of energy, fatigue, hair loss, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, anxiety/depression and increased body fat.

After age 30 testosterone levels will begin to decrease naturally. Other potential causes of low testosterone include; alcohol abuse, obesity, uncontrolled diabetes, medication and over training. Whilst it is important to measure testosterone levels, our comprehensive male hormone test will also measure the hormones that help to transport and control testosterone production and levels.

For optimum results test before 10am.

What is tested for in this kit?

Male Hormonal Health

  • Testosterone

  • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)

  • Free Testosterone

  • Luteinising Hormone

  • Oestradiol

  • Prolactin

  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone

  • Albumin

How it works

You must be over 18 years of age to purchase one of these home blood sample collection kits.

Take your sample

  • Follow the instructions with your kit. Don't forget to activate your kit before sending your sample back to us.

Send it to the lab

  • Activate your kit before sending your sample back to the lab.
  • Place the prepaid label on the return package supplied containing your sample, and drop it off at the post office.

Get Your Results

  • Once the lab receives your sample, they will begin to process it.
  • Your results will be ready 2-3 days afterwards.
  • Log in to your account to view your results.

What happens after I get my results?

You will get a personalised report

  • An easy to interpret test report will provide a breakdown of your results, what they mean and the next steps.
  • Reports will be emailed to the email address provided at the time of registration.
  • Where necessary, if treatment is recommended, you can then share your report with your doctor to get prescription based medication or a supplementation recommendation if and where necessary.


Does the service cause any pain or discomfort?

Tasso's innovative sample collection devices (available with Premium Sample Collection version) have made collecting a blood sample seamless, virtually painless & convenient with a comfortable experience being pivitol for the service.

How does a Tasso device work?

The Tasso Button sticks to the skin with a light adhesive. When the button is pressed, a vacuum forms and a lancet pricks the surface of the skin. The vacuum draws blood out of the capillaries and into a compatible container attached to the bottom of the Tasso Button.

Is this a needle-free blood collection system?

Some people refer to Tasso Devices as a needle-free system since it does not use a hollow venipuncture needle to enter a vein.

How many times can each Tasso device be used?

Each device is used one time to collect a sample and is then discarded.

Does it hurt to collect blood with the Tasso device?

Participants in clinical studies have reported lower levels of pain with the Tasso device compared to collecting blood with a finger stick or standard

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