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Westlab Pure Mineral Bathing Epsom Salt (1kg)

Westlab Pure Mineral Bathing Epsom Salt (1kg)

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Product Summary

Key Features

  • Soothing and reviving.
  • Helps relax tired and aching muscles.
  • Excellent when used after sports and exercise.

Established in 2004, Westlab is the UK's leading mineral bath salt expert, trusted to source only high-quality, pharmaceutical standard Epsom salt.

Epsom salt is a natural solution aid for a fit and healthy body. This tried-and-tested mineral, which has been around for hundreds of years, is ideal for muscle relaxation and sports recovery.

It has long been a bathroom staple used by renowned athletes and trainers and is fast becoming a celebrity secret to help maintain a slim, healthy-looking figure.

Westlab Epsom Salts are made of pure magnesium sulphate. The salts are great for helping to cleanse the body, encouraging muscles to relax, assisting in recovery, and increasing magnesium levels.

Magnesium aids muscle control and energy production and helps regulate the activity of more than 300 enzymes in the body.


Dissolve up to 1 kg of Epsom salt in a warm bath and soak for at least 20 minutes. Great after high-impact sports or repetitive sports where strains can occur.

Sore muscles

  • Make compresses by soaking a cotton washcloth in cold water that has been mixed with Epsom salt (2 tablespoons per cup), then apply to the skin.

  • Create a paste to apply to the skin by adding a teaspoon of Epsom salt to about a cup of hot water until it dissolves, then chill the solution in the fridge for 20 minutes. Note: Clean the skin and pat dry before applying the paste.

  • Take an Epsom salt bath, by adding 2 cups of Epsom salt to the water in a standard-sized bathtub and soaking for at least 15-20 minutes. The salt dissolves quicker if you pour it under running water.


  • Epsom salt is a popular remedy for easing muscle pain and fading bruises.
  • Add 2 cups (approx 250–500g) of bath salt to warm water in a standard-sized bathtub (increase the amount if you have a larger bath).
  • Bathe 2–3 times weekly, soaking for at least 15–20 minutes.

Foot bath

  • Soothe your aching feet with a bath salt balm. Create an Epsom salt bath by pouring 1 cup (100–250g) into a tub, bowl or foot spa of warm water.


  • Mix 1/2 cup of Epsom salt with warm, soapy water.
  • Soak feet to soften skin.
  • Remove polish, cut and file nails and calluses.
  • Soak feet in an Epsom salt bath for 5 minutes.

Spa Treatment

  • After showering, massage handfuls of Epsom salt over wet skin to exfoliate the body.


  • For exfoliation, mix 2 cups (250–500g) of Epsom salt with 1/4 cup of petroleum jelly and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Use the mixture to gently scrub away dry skin patches.


  • Mix 1/2 tsp of Epsom salt into cleansing cream for deep-pore cleansing. Massage onto skin, rinse with cool water and pat dry.

Warnings and Restrictions

  • Store sealed in a cool, dry place as over time, salt can absorb moisture.
  • Do not use on broken skin.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not use on babies or infants.
  • Do not use when pregnant.
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