Adil Naeem

Over many years as a pharmacist, I've witnessed the impact on patients' health of struggling to use a fractured healthcare infrastructure that simply cannot cope with increasing patient volumes and financial constraints.

I'm therefore excited to address these issues as part of Healthwords' ground-breaking technology team, helping millions live healthier lives by improving access to self-care and beyond.

Adil Naeem

Chief Pharmacist

Adil is a practising pharmacist with over 18 years of experience as a healthcare professional on the frontline of primary care, having worked across numerous primary care and pharmacy organisations. Working within infrastructure across several markets, emerging strategies and opportunities, and the value that innovation and technology can bring. At Healthwords, Adil has held a variety of roles since 2013, including being part of Healthwords founding team in 2015-16, writing the very first version’s algorithms and content. As Head of Platform and Products, in addition to development of the platform feature requirements for products, future integrations, and partnerships. Adil is a graduate of The School of Pharmacy, Portsmouth and the School of Medicine, University of Newcastle.

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