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Technology has simplified our world. While tech has improved many parts of life, healthcare remains behind the times. Last year, 60 million people saw a doctor for things they could have remedied at home. Healthwords is designed to untangle the complex web of medical jargon, treatments and therapies. So that you can tell the difference between something a doctor needs to care for, or if it's something you can care for at home, with products we recommend to help along the way. With a few clicks, Healthwords can deliver those products right to your door. Without having to search online or wonder which therapy is best. Healthwords's content is reviewed and certified by the UK's top physicians and pharmacists, a group with over 250 years of combined experience spanning 9 medical specialties. Our goal is simple. To provide clear and helpful health information to all people around the world. That's why a percentage of our profits go to funding global humanitarian aid programs. Because of Healthwords, the convoluted path to personal healthcare is becoming clearer. And life for everyone, a whole lot simpler.
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