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“AI-powered conversational search tools have the power to transform people's lives, and this is especially true in healthcare. Our self-care advice product has the advantage of being free, easy-to-use and anonymous. We think it will be particularly attractive to individuals, who do not have the time to visit a medical professional for less serious conditions.”

        - Sir Simon Burns 
        Government Liaison Officer
        and Former UK Health  Minister

“There is a strong movement for consumer empowerment, especially in healthcare. Most consumers are tech savvy and are willing and able to search for answers that are relevant and tailored to their individual circumstances. Many of them prefer this type of interaction – anonymous, on their terms, at their convenience.”

        - Dr Tom Maggs
        Chief Medical Officer

“User demand for quality online health information has never been greater and is at the forefront in providing this. By utilising the latest AI technology as part of its structure, it provides a genuine breakthrough in facilitating both high quality health conversations and information to users of the site.”

        - Dr Roger Henderson
        Chief Content Officer
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